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24 of the Best Driving Apps for Road Trips

Driving Apps for Road Trips - Maps in a mobile phone inside the car
Steve Thompson
Steve Thompson
August 12, 2022

When you plan a road trip, it helps to have the right apps that give you quick answers to your travel questions. Various free and paid apps can make your journey more clear and enjoyable. Some of the best driving apps for road trips are available from popular online app stores such as Apple's App Store and Google Play.

Navigating Through the Vast World of Travel Apps

Map app in mobile phone

Since there are too many travel apps for one person to explore, it's a good idea to become familiar with some of the most popular ones that have proven to enhance vacations and business travel. The best driving apps for road trips are useful for planning routes and finding nearby hotels, restaurants, and gas stations. Apps that give you access to maps, tour guides, and forms of entertainment are worth examining to make the trip more interesting. One of your top concerns on a road trip should be connecting with an automobile repair shop you can trust.

Road Trip Planner Apps

Here are popular apps for trip itineraries to help you find the cheapest deals on hotel rooms and tourism hotspots:

Google Maps - This free app lets travelers know exactly where they're going and how many miles to a destination. Map options include live traffic updates, routing, and customization features. Not only does this app help you find the fastest route, but it also helps you avoid tolls and slowdowns.

Tripadvisor - When you need to choose a hotel, this app provides countless guest reviews to help you filter out undesirable lodging facilities. It can be used for specific road trip planning or inspiration to find affordable lodging along the way.

Yelp - Similar to Tripadvisor, but covering all types of businesses beyond hotels, this app provides access to a wealth of consumer reviews. You'll learn what patrons think of restaurants, bars, national parks, and other tourist attractions.

Roadtrippers - Here's another free app that makes travel navigation simple, similar to Google Maps. One of its unique features is it lets you create travel destination categories, such as for lodging, dining, entertainment, and tourist attractions.

Airbnb - This popular app helps you cut costs on lodging by finding residents who rent out spare rooms to travelers. You'll have options to book accommodations in various homes, condos, campers, and other places.

HotelTonight - Will you need to make last-minute same-day hotel reservations on your trip? This app is ideal for travelers who want good hotel deals, even luxury resorts.

The Weather Channel - It's good to know what type of weather to expect in each segment of your journey, which is why this free app is valuable. The app connects you with weather radar and local forecasts.

Waze - This free real-time app can help you avoid a traffic jam. It monitors traffic data and warns of speed traps, stalled vehicles, congestion, and other road trip challenges.

How to Find the Cheapest Gas

Filling gas tank

Sometimes on vacation adventures, people have so much fun they forget to look at the gas gauge. It's possible to run out of gas and get stranded somewhere if you're unaware of nearby gas stations. Gas Buddy is an excellent website and app for finding gas prices around the United States. The app gives you maps displaying gas prices all over town, so you know where to find the cheapest gas stations in real-time.

Another free app that can help you find low gas prices is Drivvo. It's also useful for finance management that helps you keep your travel budget in order. This app allows you to stay on top of fuel efficiency and keep travel expenses within your budget, whether for personal or professional use.

Other Helpful Road Trip Apps

Headout - This free and paid on-demand mobile marketplace app assists you in tracking down available products you can pick up on your journey. You'll be able to book tours, cruises, shows, and other fun activities on your trip.

Flush - Toilet Finder - Access to a public toilet database can make your trip more comfortable. The app, which integrates with Google Maps, costs a few bucks, but you'll be thankful for it. Tapping the directions button will help you find the nearest public restroom to your current location.

ParkMe - You won't have to waste time or gas driving around trying to find a parking space with this app. It lets you know the nearest and cheapest available parking space.

Blink - This home security app costs only $3 per month, which is worth it since you'll be able to monitor your home while you're away.

Solis WiFi - Finding an internet connection in an unfamiliar place can be frustrating, but with this app, it's no problem. It costs $6 per gigabyte and is useful for connecting with a global WiFi hotspot.

Star Walk - If your road trip is long and extends through the night, it's refreshing to stop somewhere, relax and gaze at the stars. This free app lets you explore the night sky to discover stars, planets, and other cosmic places in space.

Roadside America - Finding points of interest along your journey is easy with this app, which costs about three bucks. It helps you find tourist attractions across North America by city, state, province, or category.

Spotify App

Spotify - Would you like to hear nonstop music and access millions of songs on your journey? Spotify is a leading music app these days, providing you with many different genres and eras to choose from. You can also tap into user playlists based on specific themes.

Pinna - Are you traveling with children and need a kid-friendly app to keep them entertained? This subscription-based app gives you access to podcasts and audiobooks designed for children.

The Outbound - Find tourist attractions and places of interest with this app that simplifies trip planning. It lets you know about local establishments and scenic beauty for sightseeing and photo opportunities. The app lets users post reviews.

The Dyrt: Tent & RV Camping - If you plan a camping adventure, this app will empower you to find a campground that fits your tastes. You can read visitor reviews and click the "near me" button to find the closest camping site to your location. The basic version of the app is free, but for $35.99, you can get access to major discounts on camping gear and campgrounds.

Pocket - Use this app if you are surfing online and want to save blogs or articles you would like to read when you have time. Once you save it for offline reading, you won't depend on an internet connection.

TuneIn Radio - Tap into live streaming radio stations worldwide, including those broadcasting from your destination city. When you get tired of one station, you can find another based on format or location.

HappyCow - Vegan lovers can use this app to find vegan food worldwide. If you are conscious about eating healthy, this app connects you with thousands of vegan restaurants and grocery stores. It provides helpful filters, reviews, and photos posted by travelers.


Each app for road trip planning listed here is a helpful tool for organizing or learning important information on your trip. The best driving apps for road trips help you find the cheapest deals related to travel and are easily found at Apple's App Store or Google Play. It's also wise to stay in touch with a reputable auto repair shop and have a mechanic inspect your vehicle before a long trip. D-1 Auto Body is a full-service certified Tesla body shop in Downtown Los Angeles, specializing in auto body repair for all car makes and models including Tesla.